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Agrirepel® customers not only benefit from the latest bale wrap technology but also from the expert advice and after-sales service of a team of bale wrap specialists working in the field backed by a highly responsive customer service team who ensure smooth order fulfillment and delivery. Agrirepel® products must be used within 24 months of manufacture and will remain UV stable for 12 months after wrapping, provided the bale is wrapped with the specified layers of bale wrap.

Agrirepel® Wrap

With Agrirepel® Wrap, there is finally a safe way to ensure that your bales are protected from unpredictable wildlife.


  • 750 mm x 1500 m 

  • 500 mm x 1800 m

  • Thickness: 25 μm

Effective life span: 24 months

Agrirepel Wrap

Agrirepel® Silo

Agrirepel® Silo is the only bird and rodent repellent silage cover in the world. It is made with only the highest quality raw materials for a better, stronger, more resistant plastic sheeting.




  • 10m x 50m - 120µ - green grey

  • 12m x 50m - 120µ - green grey

Effective life span: 24 months

Agrirepel Silo

Agrirepel® Bag

Agrirepel® Bag is available in different diameters, lengths, and thicknesses. Easily fits on any bagger, made of strong plastic, which is 100% all-natural and non-toxic. Two years proven efficacy.


  • 5' - diam. 1.50m - 212µ - 60m

  • 6,5' - diam. 2.00m - 225µ - 60m

  • 8' - diam. 2.40m - 230µ - 60m

  • 8' - diam. 2.40m - 230µ - 75m

  • 9' - diam. 2.70m - 230µ - 60m

  • 9' - diam. 2.70m - 230µ - 75m

  • 9' - diam. 2.70m - 230µ - 90m Effective life span: 24 months


How much will you save by switching to Agrirepel® Wrap​? Let's do the math!

Current bale wrap used:

  1. select the thickness

  2. enter the number of layers

  3. enter the price of your bale wrap

  4. enter the average commercial value of your bales

  5. enter the percentage of losses due to birds and rodents

  6. enter the total number of bales you wrap each year

  7. enter the number of bales you can wrap with one roll of film.



When switching to Agrirepel® Wrap, the estimated percentage of losses decreases to 5% or less the first year.

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