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Technology - Combirepel™

Combirepel™ is a non toxic, non hazardous and environmentally safe animal/bird and insect repellent designed to keep away different species of birds, animals and insects and specifically rodents and termites. It is added into our plastic films in the first steps of extrusion, making it impossible for the additive to have an effect on the forage/grain or the user other than protection against pests.​ In our line of products for Agriculture, it has a proven efficacy of 2 years. It is not a pesticide and as such, it does not kill the pests but only repels them, and can be used in organic farming.
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Combirepel™ has been designed considering the unique requirements of the myriad applications. Most of the polymeric applications require processing additives at elevated temperatures through the process of extrusion.

Combirepel™ molecules are stable and thus can withstand almost all polymeric processing temperatures. Extrusion temperatures being as high as 100-300°C, Combirepel™ can be used effectively for processing in polymers while at the same time retaining its efficiency.


We are registered under the European biocidal products regulations. It is the ONLY natural additive registered under this regulation so far.


Combirepel™ is completely inert within the plastic film apart from executing its primary function of repelling the animal/insect. Thus it doesn't leach out to pollute and as a result wouldn't contaminate the groundwater, surface water reserves, and soil.


Moreover, it has a low vapor pressure which means that it doesn't volatilize easily thus not resulting in vapors mixing with the atmosphere. Also, it is thermally stable at the highest polymeric processing temperatures.

Research & Development

As Combirepel™ is effective at parts per million levels; it does not interfere with the physical or chemical properties of polymers or compounded polymers. It is designed to withstand the extreme heat of polymer processing as also enhanced and uniform dispersion along the length of the polymer matrix. Since our products are used at low loadings, the physical properties of the polymers or the compounding process are not at all affected.

Combirepel™ has been incorporated as an aerosol spray, used as a gel to protect from woodpeckers and other birds, used on roofs. Combirepel™ has been very successfully added to wires and cables, utility pipes, silage films, seats, etc.

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