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Piippo develops and manufactures high-quality baling net wrap and baler twine that improve the preservational value of roughage so that they help farmers achieve the best possible result. Only a well-preserved crop produces the results needed by the world’s population. Our products are a small but often decisive part of the success of a harvesting chain. 

Piippo® Baling Netwrap

Green Cap NG is Piippo's most popular netwrap as it is a traditional very strong bale netwrap for all baler models. Its breaking strength of more than 270 kilogram is higher than average compared to most netwraps on the markets. In addition, Piippo Green Cap NG comes with many other basic features of Piippo’s premium netwraps, such as easy cutting and spreading.

The high quality is also reflected in the Green Cap NG netwrap core strength and the airtightness of the packaging bag. They ensure that the reliability of the netwrap is not compromised even after long storage.Unique machine technology and carefully selected raw materials enable achieving a sufficient tensile strength with less plastic, allowing for longer rolls. More metres of netwrap on the rolls lead to lower transport costs, decreased netwrap change times on the field and reduced packaging waste.

Dimensions: 1,25m x 2000/3000/3600m 

Piippo® Baler Twines

Piippo® baler twines are suitable for all balers and known for their ease of use, strength and reliability. The properties of the twine make it very soft, which as much as doubles the service life of the tying machine. Good knot strength ensures that the knots in the bale will be maintained also under rough handling and winter storage.

The product specification indicates the actual running meters, not only nominal dimensions. This ensures that a farmer can choose the correct twine for the prevailing baling conditions. 




  • Extreme Super 110 - 2310 m/pack of 2 rolls - White

  • Big Square 130 - 2340 m/pack of 2 rolls - Blue

  • Hay 300 - 6000 m/pack of 2 rolls - Blue

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