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About ACE

Our products are available worldwide
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Ag Crop & Environment Ltd is the official dealer of the Agrirepel® range in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, as well as Piippo twines and nets.

Agrirepel® Wrap, our bale wrap, and Agrirepel® Bag, silage bags, have been designed to repel birds and rodents. With Agrirepel®, forget about these pests. Developed with the highest quality film, Agrirepel® Wrap and Bag include a natural additive that sends birds and rodents away from your crop. Used exactly the same way as your usual wrap or silage bags, you don’t need to change your habits. Same storage, same manipulation, same recycling but a much better service for you: no poison or any other thing to protect your bales and bags!

Piippo is one of the leading producer of high quality nets and agricultural twines. With its factory based in Finland, it is always innovative and soft for the machines!
The European Chemical Agency

We are registered under the European biocidal products regulations. It is the ONLY natural additive registered under this regulation so far.

Agricultural awards

Agrirepel products are already recognized by users in many places: Best Innovation award at Sommet d’Or in France in 2017, Second prize for Agrirepel Bag at Agritrade Canada in 2019, a gold medal at POLAGRA 2020 in Poland, videos by Machinery Pete in the USA and by Agry Video in Switzerland.

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